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Genealogy is a journey, not just through time and place, but through history, relationships, memories, and stories.

Have you….

had an interest in your family story but not the time needed to research?

ever had a memory and wondered how old you were when…? or whatever happened to someone in your family?

looked at a picture and wondered who was in it or where it was taken?

Let Dianne’s passion for genealogy bring life to the people and places behind your stories, photographs, and papers. Preserve the past and your present for future generations!

Genealogy Services

About Dianne

Dianne's Genealogical Journey

Dianne Waddington Linkenhoker’s journey into genealogy began when she met a great-grandaunt, was about six years old, and remembers the visit vividly. Born in Philadelphia in the summer of 1885, her Aunt Clara, twin sister of her paternal great-grandmother, Mary, resided in South Amboy, New Jersey. During a car ride from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, to visit Clara, Dianne’s father, Jim, explained who they were traveling to see. Jim referenced a family portrait on the wall of his parent’s home and how Clara was one of the little girls in that family photograph. Dianne asked many questions and learned Clara and Mary’s parents came from the Alsace-Lorraine area of France and Basel, Switzerland. With his love of history and his memories, Jim told Dianne about Clara and Mary’s family and the place from whence they came. After their visit, Dianne wanted to know more as it inspired many questions. After years of research, Dianne journeyed with Jim to Hüningue in Alsace, France, and Kleinhüningen in Basel, Switzerland, and showed him where Clara and Mary’s parents once lived. It was exhilarating!

In addition, Dianne’s maternal grandparents emigrated from County Mayo, Ireland, to the United States. Questions came with their brogue, stories, family traditions, and the many relations/friends who visited with her grandparents from Ireland, England, New York, and Philadelphia. Who were all these people, and how did her grandparents know them? What is a second cousin once removed? What is a “double first cousin”? Dianne heard them mention names and places and wondered who are they talking about? Was that a town name or a person’s name? 1996 was the first time Dianne journeyed to Ireland. She traveled there with her mother, Dot, met cousins, visited family homesteads and churches, and experienced the places her grandparents once did. Dianne listened as Dot relayed stories she was told when she had seen Ireland with her parents years before. A cousin asked Dianne if this was her first “visit home,” and she said, “Yes!” He said… “I bet it won’t be your last.” He was right.

Research Areas

Ireland, Northern Ireland, Alsace- France, Basel- Switzerland
Southeastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey

Dianne is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and earned a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University. Her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Gwynedd Mercy College and General Practice Paralegal Certificate from Mainline Paralegal Institute, combined with her work in financial services, makes her uniquely qualified. Furthermore, Dianne attended the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP), Irish Genealogical Research, and Gateway to the Garden State: New Jersey Research courses. Continuing her education and drawing from her personal and professional experience allows Dianne to analyze and evaluate evidence from sources by extracting all she can from a document, photograph, or record.


Review of information provided by the client
Formulation of a work plan
Research and Analysis
Written report of findings, including negative findings
Recommendations for future research
Copies, transcriptions, or abstracts of documents, as appropriate

Family History & Reunions

Each project is unique as the person or family – so are their stories
Prepare for your next family reunion
Available for small or large group presentations

Gifts & Other Services

Gift Certificates or gift ideas available
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Genealogy Services
Genealogy Services
Genealogy Services
Providing clients information that connects them to a place once only heard about through stories and photographs, an account heard many times, or a person or an event long ago gives Dianne abundant joy. Let her passion and experience enrich your genealogical journey!
Genealogy Services
Genealogy Services
Genealogy Services
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